About Me

Malachi Maloney

Illustrator / Concept Artist / Graphic Designer

*I am currently available for Commission, Contracted & Remote work.

I am an ambitious, hard working self-starter that is constantly striving to hone my skill set and perfect my craft.

While working in the games industry I have created concept illustrations for characters, props, items and environments in great detail.

I have also done contract work for a wide range of companies in the entertainment industry. Some of these are: DC Comics/Time Warner, Heavy Metal Magazine, Osborne McGraw Hill and SQP Inc.

I specialize in character concept art and illustration. I use both digital and traditional tools with equal efficiency.

Digital skills:
Adobe Photoshop
Corel Painter
Adobe Illustrator

Traditional skills:
Pen & Ink

Professional Experience

Handcranked Games/Cheyenne Mountain Ent.
Position: Senior Concept Artist
My responsibilities at Handcranked Games included, but were not limited to: All character, prop, item and environmental concept art. My duties also included texture painting for various in-game models, as well as UI and logo design.

Art Institute of Phoenix
Position: Workshop Instructor
Responsible for teaching a beginner’s workshop on painting textures for in-game 3D models in Photoshop.

DC Comics/Time Warner
Position: Illustrator (Remote)
Responsible for a series of illustrations used in the DC vs. Marvel card game.

SQP Inc.
Position: Illustrator (Remote)
Responsible for several pin-up illustrations used in the books; Mermaid Song, Sword Song and Bloodlust 2.

Lifeblood Games
Position: Lead Concept Artist (Remote)
While working for Lifeblood Games I created concept art for most major characters, minor characters and preliminary environments in the game, “Ritual Incarnation”.

IBIS Studios
Position: Illustrator (Remote)
Responsible for numerous licensing illustrations used for a wide range of products and companies, including: Harley Davidson, Hot Topic and Fifth Sun Apparel.

Nackter Stahl
Position: Illustrator/Concept Artist (Remote)
Lead concept artist and illustrator for German RPG, FrostZone. Responsible for front and back book cover illustration, title logo design, interior page layout, packaging design and full page interior illustration for 27 different character archetypes.

Brand Imports
Position: Illustrator (Remote)
Responsible for a series of licensing illustrations used for various products, including: stickers, temporary tattoos and t-shirts.

Broken Halos Comics
Position: Illustrator (Remote)
Responsible for the first cover illustration to be used in a series of graphic novels based on the early writings of Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax.

Broken Halos Comics
Position: Illustrator/Digital Colorist (Remote)
Responsible for over 100 full color digitally painted sequential pages. As well as front cover illustration for the Broken Halos graphic novel & Broken Halos issue 4 (nude variant).

Nackter Stahl
Position: Cover Illustrator/Graphic Designer (Remote)
Responsible for front and back cover illustration, title logo design and packaging design for the Arcane Codex dark elf source book.

Osborne McGraw Hill
Position: Cover Illustrator/Tutorial Writer (Remote)
Collaboration with Colin Smith on front cover illustration. Also responsible for creating a tutorial on how to digitally paint photorealistic hair in Photoshop CS.

Ilex Press
Position: Tutorial Writer (Remote)
Responsible for writing a tutorial on how to create and use custom brushes in Photoshop CS.



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